By John Hunt
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10 Smart Ways to Unlazify Your Mind and Body

Whatever may be the cause, when laziness starts interfering with your productivity, its time for you to take the responsibility to overcome it. Being lazy not only makes you inefficient but also procrastinates your way to success. 

A common question that most people struggle with is how to overcome their laziness? Now that you have reached here finding the answer to this question let us find out some of the efficient ways that will help you to un-lazify your body and mind.  

Best Ways to Say No to Laziness

Below-given are some of the excellent ways to come out of the realm of laziness. 

  1. Do not Over Commit

The biggest reason that stops us from trying a new task is the over-commitment we do to ourselves. After getting a little motivation from a talk or movie, we often get excited and decide to achieve bigger goals without having any set plans. Instead, take time and plan small goals and start working on them.  

  1. Start Your Morning with an Easy Task

Everyone knows that we always tend to procrastinate a complicated task. On the other hand, we do not take much time diving into a simple task. So always make a habit of starting your day with a simple task so that you can gradually pace up with the day.    

  1. Exercise Regularly

One of the best ways to beat laziness is by creating a healthy exercise routine for yourself. Waking up in the morning might be a struggle for you, but starting your day with a little exercise and meditation might turn the tables for you. It energizes our mind and body and helps us become more productive for the entire day.   

  1. Unclutter Your Life

A cluttered life can make you postpone the necessary things. When you feel your life is too complicated, and you are not able to figure out where to start, ask yourself a simple question. “What will I do at most priority if I had only one hour in a day?” 

Believe me, it will boost up the energy in you and help you get started with the most important tasks. Besides, by working on tasks every day, you will simplify your life again.  

  1. Get Dressed for Your Work

If you work remotely, get well dressed prior to sitting for work. You will be surprised to experience the effect of this little trick. The way we dress is how our body and mind starts functioning. 

Sitting in sweatpants and hoping to work never provides that mental boost for work. Therefore, try taking a bath and get dressed (even if you are working from home) and you will notice the results yourself.    

  1. Create a Plan of Action

One simple way to overcome laziness is by creating a genuine plan of action. Be realistic about your goals, time, and efforts required to meet that goal. Then create a step by step plan. Working on a fixed plan is always easier and achieving small steps every day helps you to stay motivated for your goal.  

  1. Do Not Break the Chain

Once you have decided to move ahead and work on a decided plan, then do not break the chain. Studies say it takes a total of twenty-one days to develop a new habit or to be consistent in a task. Therefore, taking a single day break once you have started the journey may hamper all the efforts.

  1. Take a Small Step Forward

Always, the toughest thing is to get started. Hence, start by taking baby steps to get rid of laziness. For instance, start by exercising only for ten minutes or do a procrastinated task just for five minutes. Once you start with the work, the inner resistance gets reduced, and you end up performing much better.   

  1. Close all Escape Routes

Distractions are the major cause of people becoming lazy. Check your social media, playing a game, or completing a web series are the biggest obstacles you need to overcome. Therefore, decide a time for a particular work and then shut down all those things that distract you so that you can stay motivated to do the required task. 

  1. List Down Ups and Downs of Your Task for Motivation

Begin a complicated task by listing down its pros and cons on a piece of paper. Stick that note beside your table or bed. Next time when you will think of postponing the task, a reminder will be ready for you stating the significance of the task. It will bring in the motivation to start that task.  

Final Thoughts

However comforting laziness may seem, we all know that being lazy is nothing but the killing of time. All you need is little motivation that may help you to cross the line of laziness and become productive. Implementing the above-given tips will surely help you overcome your lazy attitude and fill a new layer of enthusiasm within you to make the most out of your day. Good Luck!