By John Hunt
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5 Things To Know About Public Speaking

Ever wondered how some important public figures tend to pull off public speaking effortlessly, and you cannot manage a few sentences without a stutter? The truth surrounding public speaking is this – a lot of people are terrified of it, so you are not alone! While it may seem like a herculean task, getting skilled at public speaking will come in handy on various occasions. Whether at an interview or in giving presentations, it is an important life skill that you should have a hack on. 

Learning this skill might amount to outright torture for some individuals. When you acknowledge its power, you will realize it is necessary for the journey in your corner of the world. The best part of public speaking is that the process can be fun introspectively. Before going all the way out to address an auditorium filled with five thousand attendees, practice first in a low-pressure environment that has lots of familiar faces. Whatever you decide, a hall or a small gathering of ten, ensure you enjoy the process. 

Here are five essential things you need to know about public speaking…

Structuring Your Speech Effectively

To get the best out of your experience, prepare your speech in advance. It may seem pretty obvious, but a lot of people skip this critical step – practice and practice! In your active practice, you will find your likely traps to avoid and points you need to reiterate on. More importantly, spending sufficient time practicing with a false audience allows you to structure your speech effectively. When you can definitively pinpoint the goal and key point in your speech, the structure will fall in effortlessly. It’s not enough to read off an ingrained script; you should know where to input emotional appeal and personal charisma. 

Body Language And Voice Projection

Body language matters a lot! Through your body language, you can pass both said and unsaid words across more effectively. A combination of body language, voice and tone projection, speed delivery, and even inflected pauses and gestures can make or break your speech. What you lack in the volume of speech and content can be made up for by the confidence that you infuse into your delivery. Engage the audience with your body movements and gestures, be intentional about making eye contact with some individuals in the crowd. Whatever you do, be sure your audience can hear you loud and clear. 

Personalized Engagement


Do not read your speech. Of course, you can read off some points noted down, but do not tie off your speech to a previously written note – except you are a newscaster. Reading your speech will ensure that you lose your audience. Asides from getting them bored, you also stand the risk of mumbling and talking in low tones. Furthermore, you will not get the chance to make sufficient eye contact or engage the audience with a bit of your charm. 

Think Beyond The Words

The words you have noted down are just a vehicle for you to deliver your message to your audience effectively; use storytelling in your speech. Some of the tenets of public speaking involve communication and entertainment. The best public speakers in the world are those who can effectively communicate their points using entertaining and straightforward words. Get a combination that best suits your delivery and use it to your benefit – your audience isn’t just that; they are people too.

The Truth of Confidence

Anyone can smell it from afar. A confident approach is your best bet at thriving in public speaking. The truth about speaking comfortably in front of others relies primarily on you being yourself. Find out who your audience is and bring out the best part of you that best suits that audience. Then and only then will you be able to breathe easily to pass your message across to others. The truth is this; your audience is ready to listen if you are prepared to speak.