By John Hunt
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7 Apps That Aid Productivity

Theoretically, productivity sounds easy enough to achieve. Although the hustle and bustle of our daily life have shown that this is not always so. Experienced planners and chronic perfectionists admit that it takes just one small distraction to throw you off balance and muddle up the rest of your day. Of course, we all know that being productive will ensure that you stay on track with achieving your set goal. Although staying productive and focused seems to become more difficult as the days roll by. 

Whether you are adjusting to the new demands of daily life or moving on to do greater and bigger things with the rest of the year, you need to run an organized and effective schedule. Productivity apps remain one of the best resources you could use to get your work done as well as they ought to. Whether in cutting your distractions short or in helping you stick to a schedule, these seven apps will aid your productivity and ensure efficient task delivery. 


Evernote allows you to make your plans and schedule in a systematic and organized way. It is specifically designed to enable users to make notes and organize tasks. These notes could be in text, drawings, or even picture formats. Furthermore, Evernote allows users to save web content directly to their smartphones and allows a friendly screen layout, which is very presentable. Luckily, this app is available on both iPhone and Android devices; that way, no one is left out. 


Dropbox provides an effective solution to data storage on your device. It is easier to work productively when you can access your documents easily. The app offers online storage for images, videos, files, and other relevant data. This storage can be accessed anywhere so far it is connected. The app also provides personalized security access and also a backup option, thus ensuring that your data is not stolen or lost. 


This is the to-do list app of the century! TickTick comes with a lot of amazing features that ensure that you keep up an A-game on all of your tasks. The app provides a cross-platform that allows synchronization across multiple platforms. Multilevel priorities can be easily set, and also, the app enables location-based reminders. On TickTick, emails can be easily converted into a to-do list using Gmail integration. Furthermore, a backup can be created for every plan to ensure that every deadline is met. 

Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 provides an excellent means for effective event management. The app offers a categorical presentation for your events using a daily, weekly, and monthly format, thus ensuring effective output. It also works by using a seamless reminder integration, providing an easy and quick view of your daily schedule. 


This is another useful to-do app. Due allows users to make quick notes on tasks and set necessary reminders to keep said tasks on schedule. A feature on Due also enables you to synchronize it with your calendar, and thus, comes in handy in calendar decluttering. The reminder system of the app ensures that the task is completed before the notification goes off. 


Unwarranted background noise has been identified as one of the top distractions from productive work and focus. Noisli helps you create a list of favorite background sounds that keeps you anchored to the work you have to do. The app comes with a preloaded favorite music list that is certain to keep you relaxed and focused – of course; you can create your list. 


Trello is an easy-to-use project management app. It provides a work board for multiple users that allows work to be tracked and progress recorded. It facilitates productivity because it enables you to break tasks into smaller units and keep a record of achievements. Trello is available for almost every device and, thus, is accessible to everyone. 

We arguably the most easily distracted generation that ever lived, how many times does your phone unnecessarily show a notification when you need to be laser-focused? While mobile phones can be a distraction, they can also aid productivity if you download any of the apps mentioned above.