By John Hunt
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Attention-worthy movies of 2020 – ranked

The pandemic and the closing of cinemas made this year quite difficult for the film industry. However, there is good news – the movies appear at your demand, because you can watch them at home. Several movies switched to digital platform releases in order to be able to reach us and entertain us. 

As the future of cinema remains uncertain, we have created a list of the most attention-worthy movies this year.

10. “Never Rarely Sometimes Always”

Directed by Eliza Hittman, the motion picture focuses on the life of a teenager who is on her way to terminate her pregnancy. The movie deals with serious matters, although it is mainly focused on the life and experience of the young girl, Sidney Flanigan.

9. “Shirley”

The events take place in the 1950s, the drama has in its center the life events of Shirley Jackson. The movie is directed by Josephine Decker and based on the book with the same name by Susan Scarf Merrell. Elisabeth Moss plays the young novelist Shirley who is in the process of writing her new book. The girl appears to be a victim of the sinister and toxic relationship.

8. “Bacurau”

The gory and captivating thriller with a pinch of sci-fi, B-movie and Western influences. The film, directed by Kleber Filho, portrays the events that take place in the fictional town Bacurau. The small Brazilian town is invaded by bandits who are not prepared for the strong resistance of their victims. 

7. “Tigertail”

“Tigertail” is a family drama told over several years that focuses on a stoic Taiwanese man who struggles to establish a connection with his hard-working daughter. The protagonist recollects his crucial decision to leave his love behind and move to America. The film is directed by Alan Yang. 

6. “The History of the Kelly Gang”

The story revolves around the notorious Australian gangster Ned Kelly and takes place in the 1870s. The plot begins with him being a young Irish boy moving towards his lawless and anarchic adulthood. The movie is directed by Justin Kurzel.

5. “The Assistant”

The movie is about one day in the life of a hardworking woman from the #MeToo era. She learns as the plot progresses how harmful the culture can be; the experience teaches her to stand up for herself. The film is directed by Kitty Green.

4. “The Vast of Night”

This is a sci-fi film directed by Andrew Patterson. Patterson’s debut picture kind of gives Spielbergian vibes. In the 1950s the characters are investigating a strange audio frequency that leads to a very thrilling mystery.

3. “Hamilton”

The musical is most likely to be taught in history classes at schools due to its accuracy. The movie, directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, is about Alexander Hamilton and the early days of America. 

2. “Da 5 Bloods”

The movie is an action-packed entertainment that touches such important topics such as racial injustice. The war drama reveals a story of African-American veterans who return to Vietnam. As the story unravels they find out that there are still many old demons that haunt them. The film is directed by Spike Lee.

1. “The Invisible Man”

 The director Leigh Whannell made an excellent sci-fi horror movie starring Elizabeth Moss. The protagonist Cecilia Kass is victimized by the force of unknown origin, although no one believes her when she says it is her dead ex.