By John Hunt
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Fans are expecting Ariana Grande’s new album.

There is a tension of anticipation of Ariana Grande’s new album. 

The pop star star known for her pop and R&B sound revealed that her 6th studio album should be released this October. She shared a post on social media of herself typing the word “positions.” Fans suspect that “positions” may relate to the songs on her album, or the title of the album itself. 

There was a recent collaboration with Lady Gaga in 2019, for the album Chromatica. The song is called “Rain on Me”, the single had an enormous resonance with fans. Grande released the album that debuted the same year and hit the number one spot at Billboard 200. 

Tommy Brown, the producer, recently hinted at the appearance of the new album. On the 10th of October he posted a picture of himself with Ariana on Instagram. Also, the singer herself gave a reason to her fans to expect a new release back in September. On the 14th of September Grande shared a snippet of a song together with the lyrics.  

Earlier in 2020, during her interview with Zane Lowe, Grande mentioned that she put together a home studio album, although she added that Arianators should not expect new music any time soon.

However, there is an official countdown that most likely leads to new music, according to this countdown something is about to happen on the 23rd of October, followed by the release on the 30th of October. The singer updated her website page with the new dates that presumably note the release of her new single and a full album. Arianators expect these dates to mark the issue of her 6th album.