By John Hunt
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Gigi Hadid and her husband Zayn Malik can’t get enough of their firstborn

This September, top model Gigi Hadid, age 25, and singer Zyan Malik, age 27, had their first child. The family is staying at the Hadid family farm in Pennsylvania, where the couple is enjoying their first days of being parents. Zayn posted on Instagram a picture of him holding the child, writing “Our baby girl is here, healthy & beautiful.”

Gigi announced that she was pregnant in April 2020, and the couple was excited to become parents since then. Recently Gigi shared that they had their first date night at home since the birth of their child. The couple enjoyed each other’s company while their daughter slept in the room nearby. 

Gigi and Zayn first met in 2015 at a Victoria’s Secret party. He invited her for a night out at Gemma, a restaurant in New York city. Some time later they were seen together, although they announced their relationship only in December 2015. 

Even though it appeared that the couple was meant to be together, keeping in mind Gigi’s appearance in Zayn’s music video “Pillow talk”, there were several break-ups. The latest separation of the couple took place in January 2019. This split lasted about a year until they started talking again. The fans were hopeful for the couple’s reunion. 

Gigi’s parents were very excited about their granddaughter’s arrival. Mohamed Hadid shared a touching note on his Instagram account dedicated to the new addition to the family. Gigi’s mother Yolanda asserted the news to the media that her daughter would have a baby in September. 

However, Hadid herself kept the details about her pregnancy off social media for some time. The model said that she wanted the audience to focus on more important matters such as the Coronavirus pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement.  Nevertheless, Hadid eventually shared pictures from her pregnancy photo session on Instagram in August.