By John Hunt
Entertainment calendar_today 07 November 2020

Highly Anticipated PC Games Coming Soon

Every time, every year, games – through Steam and other channels – are created in such differing extents of quality that not each of them is bound for success. Even after all else going on in 2020, this year is poised to be an utterly incredible year for PC video games.

How will we possibly handle the surreal amount of updates, previews, and trailers to figure out which of the forthcoming PC games we’re going to dedicate our excitement to? Here you will read about the newest PC games that you’ll want to look out for in coming times.


It’s been speculated for the longest time in the last few years, but Ubisoft finally went there! Players can take the character of a male or a female Eivor, head of the Viking clan which settled in England after escaping conflict, and poor conditions Norway. And there’s the option to dual-wield almost every weapon and the option to lead raids. Yas!


Will this cyberpunk game have the impact as its makers had with The Witcher on the open-world fantasy games? We are so eager to see what will Cyberpunk 2077 belike when it actually rolls out in November.

Cyberpunk 2077 has a kind of futuristic GTA atmosphere, but with body modifications and extraordinary-looking imagery. Night City, Cal. seems like a place we want to visit over and over… and the unexpected inclusion of Keanu Reeves as the lead character just adds to our excitement.


Black Ops has been the most consistently good sub-brand in the COD universe, so fans have great expectations that this will be another superb addition. The trailer reveals that the game takes place in the 80s with Reagan’s unsettling depiction urging you to do whatever it takes. We do have feeling that whatever it is, it’s going to be very stressful. Expect lots of multiplayer modes, new weapons, the reintroduction of zombies, and possible Warzone adjustments.


Godfall is undeniably one of the most spectacular-looking games on the list, filled with beautiful surroundings, dazzling effects, and brilliant hack-and-slash fighting. Godfall carries you to a fantasy world, separated into the dimensions of earth, water, air, fire, and spirit. You carry the sword and shield of one of the last honored Knight’s Orders, and you’re  ahere to avert a huge apocalyptic disaster.

Keep a watchful eye on this game of it turns out to be a treat.


With the developers of Blair Witch Project signing this game, and a deserted hotel as its location, The Medium’s psychological horror theme is made even better with Akira Yamaoka score. Remember, he gained recognition with Silent Hill. You are here as a medium seeking to solve the puzzle of a child’s murder that haunts you. As a medium, you can shift between reality and a spiritual realm to explore the disaster.

See, 2020 has its little slivers of hope. The excitement we feel is through the roof, and we just covered five of the most anticipated PC games for 2020! Just think about all the PS5 games coming our way, and/or those poised to be released in 2021 and beyond… Whoa, is it us, or is it’s getting hot in here?