By John Hunt
Life calendar_today 15 November 2020

How Covid-19 affects relationships

Due to the coronavirus pandemic we live closer with some people and further apart from others. Lockdown makes us spend more time with our family and partners, and subsequently less with friends and bigger communities. 

This notorious virus can break marriages. In some places the applications for divorce have increased in numbers compared to the pre-lockdown time. People spend so much time with each other that it might drive some crazy. It is absolutely natural that there are disagreements and arguments that come up during this time. However, fighting is unavoidable even for successful couples. It would be wrong to consider a conflict as a sign of an unhealthy relationship. These fights can be a result of uninterrupted and constant togetherness, and do not necessarily signify deep structural problems. Most couples fight not because they lack intimacy, but because there is an abundance of it. 

Even though there is not much known about the future social effect of coronavirus, although one thing remains constant, pandemic means less money, more stress, no break from children for school and most likely much less sex. The lockdown feels like we are in love, yet we are at war.  

It is expected that covid-19 will bring even more difficulties for couples. You might face the situation when you need to face the real problems in your marriage, such as money issues, less time alone, and constant mess in houses. However, neither of the problems mentioned above can be solved by means of fighting. The good news is that the sooner you face the problem, the faster you should find a resolution to it. 

It is inevitable to have conflicts in marriage, it is what intimacy is worth. However, the more successful the union is, the less these people pay for their intimacy.