By John Hunt
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How to Bring Out the Influencer in You

Imagine, having the power to impact the decisions and thinking of another person. It’s possible, and you need no hypnotic or psychic superpowers to be able to do it.

Well, Influencing skills are a noble skill-set to have for your personal and professional life. Being able to influence someone, or gain control of a situation is an excellent possession as it can help you grow in life and make you a great leader.

If you are working in a corporate, influencing others in a positive way can play a significant role in getting that long-awaited promotion. Even in your personal life, being an influencer offers a lot of benefits, such as building healthy relationships with people around you.

But in order to bring out the influencer in you, you need to brush up some of your qualities. We have listed some essential attributes that will surely help you to become a great impact maker.

Networking is the Key!

Networking is one of the most useful skills that will help take your influencing skills to new heights. The ability to interact with people, spend time with them, and form a relationship is quite indispensable for networking. Building a strong connection with people will make them listen to your point of view and also respect your advice. A strong network of people will also allow you to mediate a lot of services and favours between people, which in turn will increase your influencing power on them.

Be an Active Listener

Being an avid listener can help you grasp the necessary information quickly. Most often, people don’t listen to others and tend to ignore their opinion. This can make you a lot more rigid and self-centred as a character, which is the exact opposite of an Influencer. To overcome this, pay heed to everything people say. This will help grow your perspective on everything around you.

Read your way through

Knowledge is a great virtue that holds power to influence a person. Books are one of the greatest sources to acquire that knowledge. So, being a bibliophile can equip with the necessary facts that can let you convince someone with your opinion. Being a good reader will enhance your understanding of several topics and genres. You can easily influence someone with your acquired knowledge from books, and it will gain more credibility.  

Credibility through Achievements

People respect those who have achieved something in their lives. It can be anything from a college degree to a sports medal. These achievements will act as a backing for your influencer rapport and will also help you gain more knowledge in different fields. So, it is necessary first to gain that credibility by your accomplishments.  

Self-Confidence is everything

To be able to influence someone, you need to have great confidence in yourself first. Every impactful leader has this utter belief in his thoughts and actions, even if everyone around them disagrees with it. Choosing a path which is not tried-and-tested by the society or that has a lot of risks involved it can be an endearing task. But an influencer is someone who inspires others to do extraordinary stuff, so in order to be one, you should have that inconquerable self-confidence.

Being Good at Observation 

You need to be very attentive and a great observer. Paying attention to every word and non-verbal behaviour is quite important to understand the other person. It will be easy to influence if you know about their choices, thoughts, feelings, and point of view. 

So these are some of the qualities that are important to bring out the influencer in you. Working on these qualities will help you increase your ability to influence others. However, the first person to get influenced by you should be yourself. Its the most straightforward trick to achieve greatness in life. If you can control you life according to your vision, then you can probably influence anyone in this world