By John Hunt
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Many people’s daily routine is: waking up, drinking coffee, going to work, driving back home, watching tv, and going to sleep.

Many of us are taking life for granted and celebrating our birthday every year without any progress from the previous year.

In this article, we will give you some real productive tips on how to snap out of life’s autopilot, and start creating new habits that will produce real results.1) Set weekly goals. Setting goals has an essential role in becoming more productive. Setting goals gets the conscious and unconscious mind to focus on what’s important and remove anything that will not get you closer to achieving your goal.Setting goals might be new to you, and however, once you start getting in the habit of doing so, you’ll most likely look back and ask yourself how come you didn’t set weekly goals until this day.

It’s a habit done by the most successful people in the world and will help you focus on what you want, and most importantly, snap out of life’s autopilot.

Tips on setting goals:

Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. Language has a vital role in your goal setting. Instead of writing what you don’t want in life – make sure you write only what you desire and wish to achieve.

Make your goals achievable, but don’t make them too easy.If you write that your goal is to make a million dollars this week, your brain won’t believe you, and nothing productive will happen.

However, writing something that doesn’t excite you like “I want to brush my teeth twice a day,” well, that’s not going to make you jump out of bed too excited will it!

2) Start with one new habit every two weeks. There is a saying – your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your character, and your character becomes your destiny.

This is a very powerful saying, and it makes you genuinely understand that whatever we do daily becomes our habits, and our practices reflect our way of life.

It’s tough to create massive changes in your life without changing your habits.

There is an excellent book called “The Now Habit,” which we recommend you to read.

Anything you want in life must start with a habit change, therefore write down your daily schedule, and based on the goals you wrote, decide which habits you are going to implement and what habits you will remove from your daily routine.

Changing your habits will help you snap out of your life’s autopilot and start creating new outcomes that will lead to a new destiny.

3) Do every week, something that scares you.You might want to start doing this often, and you will see how your nervous system starts adapting to new things and getting adrenaline spikes that you didn’t receive before.

Writing down things that scare you and doing them will also help boost your self-esteem.Things you thought you couldn’t do, are now seeming not so scary, and you will start questioning if there are any limits to your potential at all.

Of course make sure that you act responsibly, and not doing things that could physically harm you, but things like opening new conversations with strangers, speaking in front of a crowd, going to a new seminar, and so on, could help you create unique experiences that will allow you to feel more alive.

We hope you enjoyed this article, and if there is someone you know who’s also feeling stuck in life’s autopilot, please share this article with them!