By John Hunt
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Ideas to improve your financial situation

I read it somewhere that you cannot become wealthy until you learn how to make money while asleep. Relax, we are not going to argue that. I honestly think the internet can allow you to make money while you sleep, it can give you the financial freedom you so desire if only you know how to go about it.

 You must have heard a million times that everyday people make money online through the internet. While it is certain that you can make money online, it is also certain that you can fall victim to unscrupulous people with shady online investment deals. 

This article aims to expose readers to various means of earning decently online without falling victim to fraudsters, if you are ready, let us proceed.


A blog is a web-based platform containing informal discussions on beauty and health, travel and tourism, foods, technology, finance, and what have you. One key to operating a successful blog is to write about the topics that you are passionate about. One advantage of running a blog is that it doesn’t cost much to start, and it can help polish your writing skills. You can also leverage your blog to advertise products and services for affiliate marketing and Google AdSense.


The flexibility and freedom of working from home make it attractive. Earn extra bucks by exchanging your services for monetary consideration. Tons of web-based platforms allow you to offer services like writing, graphics and web designing, programming, for a reasonable sum of money. Some of the most popular freelance platforms are Fiverr and Upwork. 

Check out these platforms for services in hot demand and see how you can meet the demand. Even if you feel that you don’t have any skill to offer, as Richard Branson would suggest, get the job and learn how to do it. What about time constraints? You may want to ask. Knowing that you are about to get paid can be the motivation you need to spur into action and beat your deadline.


What do you think is the motivation behind those YouTube videos that you resort to when you are stuck in a video game or trying to understand an academic topic as taught in school? For every video you see on YouTube, the creator is being paid based on the number of views. If you think you have what it takes to stand confidently in front of the camera and create great videos, the time to spring into action is now. You will be amazed by some unusual ways people make money on YouTube. 

People are literally making money on YouTube video recording themselves doing nothing, creating a video on how to boil water, and what have you. Do you think I am exaggerating? A simple YouTube search will surprise you. If kids can make tons of millions reviewing toys on YouTube, maybe it is time you stop underrating your skill and see how you can monetize it through YouTube. Other ways to make money on YouTube are CPA marketing, Sponsored advertising, and YouTube partner program. 


In simple terms, dropshipping is a retailing system where a seller does not sell directly but rather outsource products from third parties who ship and deliver straight to their customer.  The good news about dropshipping is that you don’t have to own an inventory, all you need to do is look for an online market to outsource cheaper goods, the store you outsource from handles the shipping and allied matters. Check Chinese based sites for more affordable products and drop ship to another market. 

We have learned from the coronavirus pandemic is that the world is changing, and we can do without physical interaction. The fact that online-based business is thriving despite the global economic downturn is enough to prove that making money online should not be underrated.