By John Hunt
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Is Being Humble Important?

The importance of being humble

Even though school doesn’t teach us much about humility, it’s a trait that has been practiced by many of the most successful people in the world.

When you meet someone new, and all he does is speak about himself, his accomplishments, success, and how good he is compared to others, how does that make you feel?

I’m sure you’ve experienced this at least once in life, that awkward feeling that this person is so full of himself. 

How would you feel if you would have met someone you know that has reached a very high success in life, is very rich and built his wealth from zero.

Let’s say you met this person, and he made you feel comfortable, asking you questions about yourself, letting you know that he’s like you.

With who would you feel a better connection?

Being humble allows others to connect with you and enable others to feel more comfortable. 

How to be humble?

It starts with your focus. When you focus on showing off or trying to impress everybody, you’re most likely to appear as someone that’s not humble.

It will help if you start by looking at others and asking them questions, really trying to look at their worldview and not try to impose your own. 

Learn about their struggles, what they are going through, and see how you can help without showing off or brag.

Humility comes in the form that you don’t think you are necessarily a better person than someone else because you have more money or fame.

It’s seeing everyone from the same point of view, trying to help and learn from all.

Continuing to learn, ask questions, and become a better version of yourself, even though it looks like you have all the world’s success.

And if you don’t, great! You still have room to grow and improve, with the help of others who have already achieved what you’re looking to achieve.

Learning from others

Everyone has their own life experience, with their own life story and world view. Some might have figured out a solution to one of your problems, issues, or obstacles you’re currently facing. 

You never know what you can learn from another person. Therefore you would never take anyone’s life story for granted.

We believe that anyone can learn from anyone, and the ability to continue to grow, learn, and help each other, is what’s most important in life.

Let us know what you think in the comments if humility is a trait that you’re looking to implement in your behavior.