By John Hunt
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Is That Thought Sprouting from your Brain or Heart?

The tussle between our brain and heart is constant. We always seem to be torn between these two deciding forces, where one is guiding you to be safe and the other seems to be on a rampage. 

Whether it’s to make that quick online purchase on stuff that you absolutely do not require, or saving up for an upcoming event, we can never really settle into what’s essential for us in the long-term. But things get tricky when our priority shifts from making online shopping choices to important life decisions, like relationships and career goals.

The famous Oprah Winfrey suggests to “listen to your heart” and you will always end up being happy and satisfied in some way. While there is some truth backing this statement, most of it is coming from the heart itself. Let us explain.

  • Thoughts from Heart: Short-sighted or Emotionally-backed?

The thoughts and decisions that sprout out of the heart are mostly based on our current emotional status, and it tends to skip the “rational” part oftentimes. Making a reflex shopping decision, developing feelings for the person that is the exact opposite to you or listening to the same Katty Perry song for hours and hours, just because you feel low.

While it may seem therapeutic, it is actually making you short-sighted and reckless. The term “Going with the flow” is more suited to creators and artists as it lets them open their creative gates, but when it comes to making real-life choices, being logical will be your biggest shield to avoid long-term disappointments.

  • Let your Brain take over!

It’s a scientifically proven fact, thoughts coming out of your Brain are bound to be more insightful and sensible. Mostly because your brain doesn’t get as affected by external elements as much our heart does. You must have witnessed that gut feeling you have when an idea certainly hits you. That is a rare condition when our brain backs our heart to go for it.

However, there is a slight drawback in this. A decision that is influenced by our brain’s coherent process might be excellent for your health or career, but it can certainly affect you emotionally. For example, you can skip the next outing with your friends to work on your monthly assignments. But that sense of loneliness will hit you hard once you realise that you are no more relevant in your “Friend-circle”.

Albeit, Balance is the Key!

Once a great man said, that balance is the key to everything. And rightly so, when it comes to the fight between our Heart and Brain, you can never go entirely right or wrong in either case. One will give you emotional satisfaction, whereas the other one will be a safer option comparatively.

But what’s the fun of living a simple and boring life? Or living a life with no motive at all. The plain and simple answer is to strike a balance. While it may seem straightforward, it can only come to you with diligence and experience. 

A quick little trivia about this topic: the world-famous play writer William Shakespeare was the one who introduced the idea of “feelings arise from the heart” to give a more poetic touch to it. And recently, science-backed it with this research. Interesting right?