By John Hunt
Style calendar_today 24 November 2020

Louis Vuitton and NBA reveal menswear capsule collection

The designer of men’s clothing Louis Vuitton Virgil Abloh creates a menswear capsule collection together with NBA. After the Los Angeles Lakers won the Miami Heat in October one could have a first insight into the collection when the three-year contract was signed. The Lakers were given a trophy with the custom design case by Louis Vuitton. The collection is expected to appear in the stores this November. The colors used in the collection resonated with both NBA and the french brand. Abloh commented that this collection unites two different realms of professional sport and French craftsmanship. 

The collection will include a complete choice of clothes from tracksuits to leather jackets, jeans and t-shirts, as well as suits and and dress shirts. There are also boots with heavy soles that feature an NBA tag and a jacket with the repeating pattern of the NBA motif. The capsule is a rather common collaboration of two famous logos, as both logos feature throughout the collection pieces. The theme of common color scheme is played out in the design of a backpack with the French flag and the NBA colors. The NBA graphic is mainly used on trim suits and the shades of Louis Vuitton graphite on shoes. There is a playful motive that echoes in rapper jewellery that includes the NBA logo as a pendant. 

According to the French designer this collection is a celebration of “the cultural contribution of basketball”. These are limited pieces that unite two emblems of the National Basketball Association and Louis Vuitton. According to the brand the collection includes “designer’s codes with the iconography of the basketball universe” as well as compliments Abloh’s vision at Louis Vuitton. The designs feel light spirited and fresh, with this new collaboration in the fashion industry.