By John Hunt
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Sacha Baron Cohen featured as Borat in Katy Perry’s birthday video

Borat, Sacha Baron Cohen’s famous character, created a funny birthday message for Katy Perry where he mentioned Orlando Bloom as her husband. 

The amusing comedian had been contacted by Orlando Bloom to record an exclusive birthday video, and the Kazakh character was a success. 

The video full of allusions and hints was posted on Bloom’s social media together with an emotional message for Perry. 

Sacha appeared in the clip as Borat dressed in his iconic grey suit while speaking directly to the camera. 

Perry shared the message on her social media and wrote “omg.” Bloom and Perry got engaged last year on Valentine’s Day, and even though Borat called Orlando her “husband” the couple are yet to be married.

The wedding was supposed to take place this summer, but the pandemic delayed it. 

The happy couple welcomed their first child just two months ago. They named their girl Daisy Dove Bloom. Bloom and Perry revealed the gender of the baby earlier in April on Instagram. 

There were rumors about the couple’s dating in January 2016, when they were  seen dancing at the after party of the Golden Globes. They went on several vacations and dates together before making it official in May 2016. The couple split for a short period of time in 2017. 

After they brought to the world their firstborn, the couple encouraged others to support Unicef, too.