By John Hunt
Music calendar_today 30 November 2020

Sting compiles old performances into a new album

New album “Duets” will be released in March 2021, in this collection the singer will combine several collaborations into one album. The album features Eric Clapton with the song “It’s probably me”, Cheb Mami with “Desert Rose”, Mary J. Blige with the song “Whenever I say your name”, and other released tunes like “Don’t Make Me Wait” with Shaggy, “My Funny Valentine” with Herbie Hancock, and “Fragile” with Julio Iglesias. The set will also include more recent songs like “Little Something” with Melody Gardot and a new song that Sting created with Zucchero, the well known Italian singer, called “September”.  

Sting made the news public during The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. He performed “Mama” with Gashi, the well-known Brooklyn rapper. Sting said that his music influenced Gashi to write a song about his mother. Gashi played the song to Sting who said that he would like to perform it together with him. The duet performed the song and made a music video, but two artists haven’t met before the show. 

Sting said to Fallon: “Over the years, I’ve recorded many, many duets with some amazing people — Herbie Hancock, Eric Clapton — so we just put them all together and said, ‘You know, we should put this out,’” 

During the show Sting also mentioned that the song “Don’t stand so close to me” has become the coronavirus anthem. The song appeared on the list of the most popular songs during the quarantine in March. 

Last year Sting released an album called My Songs, the collection featured his solo performances and as a frontman of The Police. Also, in 2018 Sting and Shaggy released an album called 44/876. 

To some extent the new album is boundary breaking, it paves its way through a good taste. We encourage you to engage with the light tunes of the upcoming album and enjoy the performance of Sting with other talented singers.