By John Hunt
Food calendar_today 17 November 2020

The best chefs of the world for 2020

If there is something every professional chef wishes for it is Michelin stars. Receiving one is a true reflection of one’s skills and hard work. This is the reason why the most dedicated chefs invest their time and effort to get at least one star to boost their ranking. 

In this article we will speak about the most successful chefs with the most stars. 

Joel Robuchon

This chef gathered during his lifetime the largest number of Michelin stars, namely 31, even though he died with “only” 28. His specialization was French cuisine and he owned twelve restaurants. He also liked educating younger chefs, among his students was famous Gordon Ramsey. 

These days the chain of restaurants named after Joel Robuchon is situated in the big cities, such as New York, Paris, Hong Kong, Montreal, Tokyo and others. 

Visit the restaurants run by these chefs and you will have the time of your life.

Alain Ducasse 

Alan Ducasse is originally from France and subsequently he is famous for his expertise in French cuisine. During his career he earned 21 Michelin stars. This number makes him the only living chef with such a high rating. Ducasse opened over thirty six restaurants around the world. Also, he is famous for sending meals to astronauts in outer space. 

Gordon Ramsey

Due to the exposure on TV, Ramsey is arguably the most famous chef. He is notorious for his short temper and skill to cook the most delicious meals from British cuisine. The chef has had sixteen stars throughout his career. His name is connected to more than twenty restaurants, although his signature restaurant is in London. 

Carme Ruscalleda

She is the only lady among the best chefs who has been awarded seven stars so far. Ruscalleda is known for her Catalan dishes and seasonal products, as she grew up in the Spanish countryside. She owns three restaurants: two in Barcelona and one in Tokyo. 

These are four top Michelin star chefs. It is definitely a great idea to visit their restaurants and try amazing dishes.