By John Hunt
Entertainment calendar_today 25 November 2020

The most popular Virtual Reality games for 2020

The headsets offered are as great as the experience they provide. The idea of VR has been around for a couple of years already, and until this year the VR devices were not as accessible due to their cost or usability. Lovers of almost every game genre can find something suitable for themselves. Here is the list of worthwhile VR games:

Beat Saber 

It is a rhythm and music game with an active variation. The game comprises a journey through the song with virtual laser swords. While a song plays, the game generates cubes of different colors that you should hit with the right or left controller. There also appear obstacles on the way which you have to dodge. Beat saber offers active experience and cannot be played while seated on the couch. 


The game is a first person shooter. Designed for PlayStation VR, Farpoint is best used with VR Aim, the gun-shaped controller. The company says that VR Aim allows to track player’s movements very closely. The idea of the game is to stay alive while you encounter deadly enemies on the way to find out what has happened to the rest of your team. 

Lone Echo

The game offers engaging experience where the player is an AI entity called Jack who is helping his captain to reveal a dangerous mystery. The story unravels on the space station that orbits near Saturn. 

Minecraft VR

Minecraft exists on almost every platform including VR. This game is all about creation, survival and exploration. The game supports multiplayer modes, so you can share this experience with your friends. 

Project Cars 2

In this game the player is a driver in a realistic racing endeavour. Project Cars 2 reflects real-world driving experience to the smallest detail. You may consider getting a steering wheel and pedals for a more immersive experience.