By John Hunt
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These Foods Are Might Harm Your Hair

The current generation is blessed with many things. We can order food anywhere, anytime,  without any regulations. Munching down our favorite hamburger every day can be great for dopamine satisfaction, but not for health, and definitely not for your hair.

Some foods or combinations of foods can damage your hair to an extent you can’t even imagine. According to research by the University of Massachusetts, more than 35% of people in the world suffer severe hair loss due to their irregular eating habits.

With all kinds of advertisements and promotions happening in the food industry, we understand it is hard to resist some food items. But we bet you would prefer to have healthy, luscious strands of hair on your head in front of a drink or a cake.  

Scientifically, you shouldn’t be losing more than a hundred strands of hair in a day, and if your current number is much higher than this, then definitely there is a reason to worry. Based on that, we compiled a list of the four foods that can cause hair loss and hair thinning in the long run. 


We can understand It is tough to repel the craving of something sweet. We have all been a sweet tooth at some time in your life, and our love for chocolates and Nutella is ever-lasting. But sugar can harm your hair and health in more ways than you think. 

Many studies state that high-sugar diets can lead to hair loss. When you consume sugar, it floods your blood, which causes a spike of insulin and androgens, which then blend with your hair follicles, making them weak and causing your hair to fall out. 

Many experts also say that sugar causes inflammation in the long run. Items like sugar cereals are high in glycemic indices due to their natural fiber from the plant, which causes irregular hair thinning and loose hair strands. 

If you too are currently suffering from hair loss, try cutting down your sugar intake for a while, and we promise you will see a significant improvement.

Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated drink or Soda’s as we usually refer them, have become a daily part of our lives. More than 42% of Americans consume a can of soda on a regular basis. But do you know carbonated drinks can destroy your hair scalp as it causes hair thinning, hair loss, and in some rare cases, even cancer?

Carbonated drinks are the most acid causing food items, and they contain an insane amount of sugar in a single serving, which can boost your insulin levels. Early male-pattern baldness is subjected to high insulin resistance, and Soda can contribute a margin for that.

Sugar-free sodas are no exceptions as well because the manufacturers have to use Aspartame or any other undisclosed items to substitute for sugar. And according to FDA, these substitutes tend to have an even severe effect on your health.

In some cases, excess intake of sodas has been said to amplify dandruff, itchiness, and algae buildup in the scalp. We would suggest limiting your carbonated drink intake and avoid drinking these sodas daily in any condition.

Dairy Products

Dairy products are filled with the goodness of calcium and nutrients, but how can they be contributors to your hair loss? Dairy products are notoriously known to boost any delayed allergic reactions in your body, and most of the time, it directly affects your hair follicles.

Most of the commercially available dairy products that we consume have gone through the process of pasteurization. In the process, all the natural enzymes are removed. These enzymes allow us to digest the milk in the first place, and without it, it gets difficult for our body to absorb them.

Soy products can increase dandruff build-up in your scalp, and they are also known to take a toll on your digestive system. Instead of limiting your intake, you can make small proportions throughout the day to have a smooth digestive process.

Fried Foods

One of the critical reasons hair loss and hair thinning has been on a surge in recent years. Our craving for junk food has paced the pattern-baldness in your body, and the worst thing about is that you don’t notice it until things get out of hands.

The enzyme alpha-reductase (5-AR), which is responsible for converting testosterone into DHT (dihydrotestosterone). Experts say that DHT is a major contributor to shrinking hair follicles over time. It also causes hair thinning and loose ends that can again lead to hair loss.

Fried foods and hydrogenated oils have a high amount of DHT present in them, that is why it is recommended to go for baked foods instead of fried. Also, hydrogenated oils can affect your hair growth by limiting the supply of essential oil to the hair roots.

Other food items to watch out for:

Red Meat

Red meat is a potent source of protein and iron, but if consumed in excess, it can increase the dandruff build-up and result in hair loss due to surplus iron build-up.

Diet Foods

Diet foods often use a substitute to replicate the original version of the product. These substitutes are often undisclosed, and they can be a significant reason behind your hair fall.


Fish contains selenium, and selenium is necessary for our body but not too much. Because our body doesn’t story selenium, it converts into oil on the scalp which invites dust and germs and in turn causes hair loss.


So this was the compilation of a few foods that can cause hair loss and hair thinning. Try to avoid these as much you can to stop or prevent any kind of hair loss. Note that these foods will not have a sudden effect on your hair health but consuming them on a regular basis will certainly deteriorate your scalp’s strength.