By John Hunt
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Tips To Surviving An Abusive Relationship

Within the twinkle of an eye, a sweet loving relationship can turn sour. Forget the fact that you have known that cute guy for ages, forget that he delivers flowers as a surprise; forget that he brings you breakfast in bed. One of the saddest realities of life is that you don’t know what people think about you. Underestimate the power of deception to your peril.

Whether you are struggling in an abusive relationship or suspect that you are falling heads over hills with a prospective narcissist and you want to be sure before walking down the aisle, this post is for you. Here are proven tips for surviving an abusive relationship.

Recognize That You Are Being Abused

The first tip to breaking free from an abusive relationship is realizing that you are being abused. Come to think of it, can you save someone that doesn’t realize that they need to be saved? Instances of abusive relationships are not always clear to know. Abuses don’t have to be physical; it can be very subtle. One minute the abuser is an angel, the next, they are the devil’s incarnate. 

Here are warning signs that you are in an abusive relationship: you are always humiliated for trivial reasons, criticisms are not always honest, your partner suddenly starts ignoring you, unjustified jealousy, excessive domination, etc., are all warning signs that may be a clear indication that you are in an abusive relationship.

What They Do And Not What They Say

Words are cheap, and anyone can afford it. Even if they promise you heaven on earth, do not be swayed and carried away by their sugar-coated mouth. Good words must be followed by the corresponding action. 

As soon as you stop believing your abuser, their charm begins to wane, and you start thinking for yourself and seeing things precisely. Studies have shown that abusers say good and wonderful things to keep their victims in a chain. Taking whatever they say with a pinch of salt and focusing on their actions will set you free.

Get An Education

Nope, I am not talking about getting a college degree in psychology. Until you educate yourself about abusive relationships, domestic violence, and allied matters, you will never truly survive an abusive relationship. Read practical experiences of victims, consult a psychologist, read blog posts about narcissism to get a clearer picture of what you are going through. It would help if you always kept in mind that an educated mind is a freed mind.

Withdraw And Cut Contact

What do you do when you realize that you have been consuming poison? You stop drinking the poison. Once you know that you are being abused in a relationship, begin to withdraw and cut contact with your abuser. 

Remember that you only have one life to live, would you prefer to live in suffering? Forget about whatever you have invested in the relationship; forget that your abuser is a blood relation. Your life is in your hands, how you live it is a cup of tea. 

Learn From The Experience

Emerge from the shadows of abusive relationships stronger and better than you were before getting into it. Your experience should not make you a bitter person, determined to take revenge on innocent people. The experience should sharpen your sense of empathy and make you better equipped to assist people in similar issues. Be like the coal that becomes a diamond after going through pressure.

Surviving an abusive relationship may appear impossible because of what psychologists referred to as the Stockholm syndrome. It is a psychological condition that makes the victim of abuse develop affection for their abusers. Following the tips mentioned above will be a gamechanger and lead you to the path of happiness.