By John Hunt
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Trends from Milan Fashion Week Spring 2021

There are many things Italy is famous for, such as its coffee, for example. However, people-watching becomes the most rewarding sport when it comes to fashion week, as this country takes fashion seriously. Milan home to one of the oldest and most iconic fashion houses in the world sets the tone for Paris as well.

Italy’s top designers reimagined romance in the shows and made it appropriate for the contemporary mood. The show marked a return to personal style with bright prints and exquisite textures. The designers infused their collections with prints that stand out and bright colors that create exotic and nautical themes. The focal point of the show was Versace where models wore neon dresses enhanced with starfish sequins.

Timeless neutrals had been a long lasting trend and this week, Milan offered mix-and-match combinations of dazzling colors. It is easy to follow this trend, as all you need to do is pair unexpected bright pieces that you wouldn’t have thought to put together before.  

Fendi presented transparent dresses that showed what was layered underneath, such as slips or relaxed trousers. These pieces are perfect for warm days when it is too hot to wear a jacket. 

In line with color saturated outfits there were minimalistic looks with muted colors. This palette ensured that the center of attention were the cut and the fabric. Max Mara popped up with their collection designed in calm colors.

Bra tops appeared in spring’s runway collections overlayed with blazers in some looks, worn over tops, or just styled solo. If you cannot imagine yourself going outside just in your lingerie, you can wear a structured brassiere on top of a relaxed tee. The fashion world welcomed alternatives to work-from-home cozy outfits people are wearing during corona lockdowns. The show was as close to “normal” as it possibly could due to the pandemic- attendees wore masks, like Pierpaolo Piccioli did after the Valentino show. The collections included items appropriate for 2020 such as face masks at Marni, and rubber gloves at Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini.