By John Hunt
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Why Do Women Cheat On Men Unconsciously

We all know someone that had his heart broken and was never the same again. The feeling is horrible and after that, the person has extreme trust issues. At the point of the marriage, divorce often occurs because of unfaithful partners.

Studies have shown that men cheat more than women, but surprising fact is that from 1990, the cheating rate in women is increased by 40%, while men did not change.

From that, we can all see that now women cheat more than ever, so these are the 16 reasons why women are unfaithful:

1.  Because of the kids

Many women cheat on their husbands because they can’t leave them. They have kids together, and if she isn’t satisfied with her husband, then she finds satisfaction in another man.

2.  Many breakups

When you are in a long relationship with someone and you break up many times, things start to change. Women in those moments of a breakup may want to find another boyfriend while still loving the old one. If by any chance she returns with the old one, in most cases she cheats on him with a replacement.

3.  She’s had enough of your playing

Men mostly like to play a lot when it comes to relationships. The reason a woman cheats is that the man leaves them and goes to play with other cheap girls. When he is done with them, he returns to his wife. At that moment, the wife is ready for everything to get her revenge.

4.  Not being in a very healthy and good relationship

When a woman is not satisfied with her relationship and there are more tears than joy in it, she tends to look for a better man. Some of them leave and some decide that it is better to cheat.

5.  A drop that spilled over the glass

Jealousy is the main reason for fights and breakups between two partners. This can be dangerous because it is not always the truth, and if a man accuses the woman of cheating every day and he keeps triggering her, she will burst up and do it in the end.

6.  The fear of being alone

Some women, who are not satisfied in the relationship, are shy and afraid of any kind of communication to improve the situation. So, in the end, they cheat on their boyfriend and then feel guilty.

7.  Divided emotions

When they are with their boyfriend, if it isn’t what they imagine, they would not be happy. It’s like something is missing, and when they find that in another person, they can be emotionally cheating first, then physically also.

8.  Time does not heal wounds

Over a long period, when a woman is in a relationship, she gets attached to the memories and time spent together with her husband, but she isn’t happy. So she can’t admit that something is wrong and tends to cheat.

9.  An abusive relationship

Many women fall for bad boys and criminals because of their attitude and appeal. These type of men often abuse their wives, tormenting them, hitting them, and making a living hell out of their lives. Although she loves him, she can go cheat on him for the man that treats her right, but can’t tell her husband because she is afraid of him.

10.  Physical needs

One of the reasons women cheat is because of their physical needs. When the husband is not home, on a trip, or even in the military for several months or years, women get lonely and they are in the need for action.

11.   Girls nights out and alcohol

Girls can be pretty loose when it comes to night outs. Especially best friends, when they are all by themselves and their husbands are not with them. Alcohol can be very dangerous at that time, and all the guys paying them drinks. It can happen to anyone, even if she loves her husband.

12.   Keeping the communication going

Many men when they get into a relationship relax to the point that they no longer give the girl what she needs and deserves. Especially if it is a long-distance relationship and they don’t see each other often or speak to each other. When a woman meets someone who will talk to her every day and give her everything she doesn’t have in that relationship, even if he is a friend, she can become unfaithful.

13.  False accusations

A lot of women think their man is cheating on them, by assuming something that he said or just believing their friends. When a man lies about something, which isn’t cheating, a woman always thinks of that. In a way of revenge, women tend to cheat on their lying or abusive husbands, even if it is all a deceive.

14.  The fear of commitment

The nightlife and getting drunk all the time is a way many young people live their lives today. They all get one night relationships and they feel like that is the only way. When that kind of woman goes into her first long relationship, she may be feared of commitment and staying a long time with one person. That fear of losing nightlife and short relationships can cause cheating.

15.   Psycho boyfriend

Some women are in toxic relationships and have boyfriends that cause them a lot of mental problems. Some threaten to kill themselves if she dumps him, some resent every little thing she does and then they argue. Some even get expressly jealous and then provide his girlfriend with many schemes so that she could feel guilty about herself. If she encounters him, he will play the victim. When a girl is in that kind of relationship, she may feel relieved when she is unfaithful.

16.   Man refuses to leave

Many partners, when they know that a relationship is going the wrong way, won’t admit it. If the man does not make the first move and tell that the relationship is over, women can get the easy way out by cheating, thus ending it once and for all.