By John Hunt
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Why you should never stop learning

When we say “never stop learning,” we don’t necessarily mean never to stop academic studies or get new degrees. We don’t believe that much in degrees these days anyway, but that’s a different article.

In this article, we’ll talk about continuous self-learning, expand your skills, and even double down on your primary current skills.

Most successful people in the world know that the more you learn – the more you earn. You get paid for your skills, which means that the better qualifications you have, the more problems you can solve.

That also means that with your skills, you can help more people struggling with specific problems.

Our approach is nonfiction books, youtube videos by credited people, and online courses by people who have already succeeded in what you’re looking to accomplish.

Beware of specific unhelpful online courses or mentoring programs bu people who didn’t achieve anything worthwhile except for selling courses.

Make sure always to check online reviews before you make individual purchases.

Online courses and books can teach you many useful skills.

Also, mentors can have a significant impact on your life.

Learning new skills might take time and energy, and you might feel tired or unmotivated at some point to continue. Remembering that consistency is key to your success is very important, and making sure you stay motivated by remembering why you are starting in the first place.

Many people get motivated by seeing someone else or watching a movie and deciding to make a change in their lives. However, in a short period of time, they forget why they even started and lack motivation and drive.

This causes them a cycle of failure and lowers their self-esteem.

Make sure you know that you might not feel great some days, but you must keep going no matter what.

Is it something that you want, or is it a must for you?

Anthony Robbins, one of the most excellent mentors, couches, and speakers alive today has a high point when he says that human beings don’t always get their “Wants,” but they always get what they “have to have.”

If someone would put a gun to your head and tell you: “you have six months to lose 10 pounds or else…” do you think you’d be able to lose 10 pounds?

Well, of course, you would!

You would start reading about weight loss, going to the gym seven days a week, and doing all you can to lose these 10 pounds; you’d be dead!

Well, then why can’t you lose these 10 pounds without someone sticking a gun to your head?

Because there isn’t enough drive behind it, the journey to survive is the highest drive we have, so that’s why you would do it.

But if it’s just something you want, you probably won; ‘t put in the same amount of hours and energy to achieve it.

Think about that anytime you set a new goal.

Look in areas in your life currently that you aren’t achieving the results you want. Is it because it’s not a necessity for you?

If it was a necessity, what would you be doing differently?