By John Hunt
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You might be less dateable if you have these traits


Technology has made dating easier, downloading an app, or visiting some sites can lead you to your significant other. If people’s proverbial missing ribs are a click away, why do folks still complain of loneliness? 

Online dating transcends downloading some apps, setting up an attractive profile with a posh profile picture and expecting magic to happen. There is indeed an art to online dating, mastering this art is the secret to successful online dating. 

Here are some of the traits that make men less dateable.

Being an ailurophile

According to research conducted at the Colorado State University, men with cat pictures on their profile have a lesser chance of getting a date. The researchers showed 708 young women, two images of two men. 

In one of the pictures, they held a cat, and in the other, they weren’t carrying a cat. About 38 percent of the women answered in the affirmative when asked if they were likely to casually date one of those men when he posed alone without a cat. Whereas, about 37 percent considered him ideal for a perfect relationship. 

The table turned around when the same man posed with his pet cat, only 33 percent of women considered him dateable. Also, the percentage of women that signified no interest in him rose from 9 to 14 percent. 

The women were asked if they would date the second man when he posed with his cat, about 45 percent of the women considered him not dateable. It appears women have a thing against men with cats; you may want to keep your fluffy pal away from your next online dating profile.

In the words of the authors of the research, “men holding cats were viewed as more neurotic, less masculine, agreeable,” this view agrees with the common stereotype about cat people; it suggests that people find it difficult to look beyond stereotypes. It is also contended that the research results have a lot to do with the female respondent; a cat lover respondent will respond differently from a dog lover. 

The authors are of the view that the research suggests that American culture has categorized ‘cat men’ as effeminate, this has created a cultural preference for ‘dog men’ who were seen as more masculine by most heterosexual women in the research. 

Quoting a previously conducted study, the researchers said: Women prefer more masculine traits in men; these traits are thought to be the ‘good genes.’ 

Giving credence to the research mentioned above is a survey conducted by the famous pet food brand “I and love and you” and OnePoll. The study suggests that dog owners are more likely to secure a partner online, 63 percent of the respondents admitted to having more success in dating apps when their profile picture features a dog. 

It appears your cat may be the reason you have not secured a date online. Maybe it is time to ditch your feline friend and adopt a dog or better still look for a cat person to date.

Being less physically attractive

It is no brainer that physical attraction has a huge role to play in having a successful relationship. We are all attracted to beautiful people, aren’t we? 

Life is easier when you are the hottest kid in the block. You have to make peace with the fact that a lot of people will judge your book based on its cover. 

A study by researchers at the University of California at Berkeley on the behavior of 60 females and 60 males at a dating site suggests that most users have a higher propensity to reaching out to highly attractive people. Being less attractive can be the reason you are still single.  

Having sparse beards

There is a connection between your beard and finding a successful date. Whether you decide to be clean-shaven or you can’t grow beards due to genetics, research suggests that women find men with beards more suitable for a date. 

In a study conducted in Australia, 351 women and 177 men were made to look at ten men’s images in four conditions: full beards, heavy stubble, light stubble, and clean-shaven. The research showed that women found the full-bearded men more attractive. 

According to the authors Robert C. Brooks and Barnaby J. Dixson, “there is a connection between facial hair, maturity, and masculinity, dominance, and aggression.” 

A dating profile showing some beards may be the harbinger of a successful date. Do you still need more reason to join the beard gangs?

Height matters

Dating apps make use of an algorithm to matchmake people. The information on your dating profile determines who the algorithm matches you with. Some of the information includes educational background, job title, ethnicity, and height. 

According to relationship expert, David Bennett, “users tend to put a lot of stock into their matches’ heights. For straight men, if you are tall, it is an advantage to list your height, since many women state preferences for taller men, I always suggest that my clients list things that would put their best foot forward, and height in a guy is one of these things.” He told Mic. 

David advises shorter men to be discreet about their height and instead focus on other features. While it is tempting to lie about your height, we strongly recommend against it as anything built on falsehood may not stand. There is nothing as attractive as being comfortable in your skin.


This piece aims not to dissuade anyone from finding love online but rather expose you to some of the reasons your online dating success rate may be low. Having one or all of these traits is not the end of life, there is a Juliet for every Romeo and a Clyde for every Bonnie. You will be hard-pressed to find anyone that “has it all.” 

Focus on your strength, and in no time, you will be smiling at the altar with your wife as she says I do.

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